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What Categories are Available?

In the diverse world of women's fashion, our collections effortlessly merges base pieces with contemporary styles. From warm jumpers or cardigans suited for cold nights to the must-have coat for brisk morning walks, our range caters to every need. Our Coats & Jackets section boasts craftsmanship that balances elegance and utility, while our Lounge Trousers and Shirts & Tops sections offer versatile styles that are both stylish yet functional

How to Shop the Top Picks?

With an abundance of brands to choose from, it's nice to be able to identify styles that harmonise with your personal fashion style.  As seasons change, fresh trends emerge, be it a new style in coats or a new colour trend in the range. Browsing our collection, you'll uncover the must-have clothing items that you'll definitely want to add to your wardrobe.

Discover the Latest Fashion Trends

Being updated with the latest fashion trends is an ongoing adventure. With stylish designs and refreshed takes on classics, our collection has something to suit all. From casual base wear to stylish outerwear, you can be sure to be warm as well as stylish. 

Filtering and Editing Your Wardrobe

Fashion is as much about decluttering as it is about acquiring new pieces. As fashion trends change, then filtering and updating your wardrobe becomes paramount. This not only paves the way for the freshest additions but also streamlines your outfit creation process. 

Are the Newest Arrivals Worth the Investment?

With new styles constantly gracing the market, deciding which pieces are purchase-worthy can be confusing. From loungewear to distinct statement pieces, opting for quality ensures your  not only radiates charm but also endures through time. 

Explore Online vs In-Shop Fashion

The luxury of today's shopping era is the dual convenience of online browsing and in-store tactile experience. While the digital world offers the ease of shopping from your comfort of your own home,  the in-store experience, with its touch-and-feel essence, remains a different and positive experience which many prefer . Both avenues, however, present a great selection of choices to indulge your fashion needs.

Perfecting the Fit of Women’s Clothing

The delight of fashion when an outfit fits to perfection is a wonderful feeling. Whether it's a laid-back loungewear top and trousers set or a cosy comfortable, warm coat , ensuring the fit is right is vital. Recognising this, Pet & Country have selected ranges catering to diverse body types, ensuring every individual feels their absolute best.

Accessorising Your Outfits

No matter how impeccable an outfit seems the right accessories can add so much to the final look. From that perfectly matched scarf or hat  to the bag that elevates your ensemble, accessories hold a pivotal place in fashion. With a wide selection of options, from handbags to jewellery, you're ensured a complete and polished look every time.

A Glimpse into Available Brands

Delve into our array of well known and respected items to explore the finest from established brands such as Lighthouse, Joules, Dents and Wrendale Designs. Each brand, with its unique aesthetic and essence, promises to cater to varied fashion requirements, ensuring our collection always impresses and inspires.