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Official Charity Partners of Pet & Country

Giving back to the community is an essential part of our ethos at Pet & Country - and in our two offical sponored charities we hope to help animals and people alike.

Air Ambulance NI

With 2,916 taskings between July 2017 To April 2022, this helicopter can reach any patient in Northern Ireland in roughly 25-35 minutes, greatly increasing the patients survival chances. Fully manned with paramedics, doctors and pilots to enusre best medical care, they have been crucial in many emergencies throughout the area.

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Benvardin Kennels

Where: 28 Benvardin Road, Derrykeighan, Ballymoney BT53 8AF

The heroes of down on their luck pooches, Benvardin runs a rehoming haven for dogs. Each dog leaves thei care vaccinated( including a  Kennel Cough vaccine), wormed, de-flead, licensed, microchipped, neutered and insured for 4 weeks with Petplan, all for a suggested donation of a £150! You can check their homepage for the latest furry friends who need a home here.

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