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What TRIXIE Products do we stock?

Here at Pet & Country we stock a range of TRIXIE products with options for all your pets; we've got products for dogs, cats, birds and small animals, with choices from Bandanas to Scratching Posts.

Are TRIXIE a Sustainable Company?

TRIXIE holds a profound dedication to sustainability, deeply ingrained in its ethos. Understanding that the love for pets and pet care demands have significantly evolved since its establishment in 1974, TRIXIE recognises its high responsibility towards sustainability and social commitment. This commitment is reflected in the company's continuous efforts to find how to refine and adapt its processes to ensure they are more sustainable, thereby minimising the environmental impact of its operations.

Notably, TRIXIE's dedication to sustainability goes beyond just its internal operations. The company also considers the lifecycle of its products, focusing on creating durable, long time-lasting items that reduce waste and the need for replacement. By developing high-quality products, TRIXIE promotes sustainable consumption habits among pet owners, contributing to a more circular economy.

Furthermore, TRIXIE's commitment to sustainability is also linked to its social responsibility efforts. By offering a range of employment opportunities and providing training for different professions, TRIXIE supports local communities and contributes to sustainable development goals.

TRIXIE strives to offer great value for money with their pet products. Their products fit really well with the Pet & Country ethos. Who also have a passion for all things that are good for your pet. Whether that is a dog, a cat or other small domestic animals or birds.