Chappie dog food is one of the UK's best known dog food brands, and at over 60 years old, has stood the test of time. 


What's In Chappie Dog Food?

" Chappie Complete tinned dog food is a 100% complete and balanced dog food developed with vets.

As well as containing no artificial colours, flavours, added sugar, eggs, dairy, red meat or soya, Chappie contains all of the essential nutrients that your dog requires to keep him in top condition every single day.

Healthy Skin and Coat.

Chappie contains everything your dog needs to keep him full of vitality.

Chappie contains chicken which is gentle on your dog's sensitive stomach, whilst natural fibres actively contribute to healthy intestinal function.

Chappie contains calcium and phosphorus to help support healthy bones.

100% complete pet food with balanced minerals to ensure your dog has a healthy skin and coat

Chappie dog food is developed with Vets. "

Why Is Chappie Good For Dogs?

It's a great choice for dogs as it's low in fat, has the vitamins and minerals your dog needs, and is a completely natural dog food. It has been formulated with vets, and many vets recommend it as an option for dogs with an upset stomach or intestinal issues as it is easy on their system.

Who Makes Chappie Dog Food?

Chappie is owned & manufactured by the Mars Petcare company.

What's In Chappie Dog Food?

A nutritionally and natural balanced dog food to give your dog the energy it needs.

Who Sells Chappie Dog Food?

We do! Buy your Chappie Dog Food here at Pet & Country, with free UK, Northern Irish & Irish straight to your door options available when you spend £60 or €100!