Healthy dogs are happy dogs - and James Wellbeloved is everything a dog needs in nutrition and energy, with no hidden ingredients so your perfect pup pal is ready for the day ahead by your side! Ensure you and your dog can explore the great outdoors happy and healthy.

About James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved is a British dog food company that has been around since the 1970s. It is one of the best-known brands in Britain and is known for its high-quality dog food.

The company was founded by James Wellbeloved and his wife, who also happens to be a vet. They have a team of experts that work on their products, as well as a team of veterinarians and nutritionists who are constantly reviewing the ingredients in their products.

The company's founder, James Wellbeloved, was a vet who wanted to make dog food that was healthy and could be delivered to people's homes. He had to convince customers that it would be worth the money because they would not have to go into town every week. He also wanted to make sure they knew they were getting quality food for their dogs.

James Wellbeloved had a difficult time convincing people because he was competing with other well-known brands like Pedigree but was ultimately successful. He had success by advertising on TV with Bruce Forsyth



Is James Wellbeloved Hypoallergenic?

Yes. James Wellbeloved Dog (and cat!) food is naturally hypoallergenic, providing a natural and, nutritional feed for your dog.

Is James Wellbeloved Grain Free?

The James Wellbeloved Grain Free Range is! We stock some of their grain free choices right here at Pet & Country.

Does James Wellbeloved Contain Any Dairy, Beef, Soya, Pork, Soya, Eggs Or Wheat?

No. The different meal used are turkey, lamb, duck and fish in their products, which are paired with rice, grain oats and potatoes among other healthy vegetables and herbs. They proudly do not use any cheap bulking ingredients or artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

Is James Wellbeloved Good For Dogs?

James Wellbeloved is packed with nutrition and minerals, with high quality ingredients and rich in protein to keep your dog going!

Where Is James Wellbeloved Dog Food Made?

James Wellbeloved is made in rural Somerset, UK.  "We’re still based right here in rural Somerset – with dog treats in our pockets, warmth in our hearts and mud on our boots. And we’re still busy making great-tasting food to help keep your pets feeling great."

Where Sells James Wellbeloved?

We do! Shop our range here at Pet & Country with free UK Delivery on orders over £60.

Where To Buy James Wellbeloved Dog Food

We here at Pet & Country sell a wide range of James Wellbeloved dog food, with shipping available to the whole of the UK & Ireland.

Who Owns James Wellbeloved Dog Food?

Mars Petcare currently own James Wellbeloved.