Spring has sprung! With warmer days ahead, it’s important that we take extra care of our furry friends to make sure they have a pawesome summer.

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Although most of our dogs go to the groomer, there are a few aspects that we can keep on top of at home to keep them in tip-top condition between grooms. As warmer days approach, it is likely that your dog will be spending a lot more time enjoying the outdoors and therefore may need bathed more often!

 Why You Should Shampoo Your Dog Regularly

We stock a large range of fantastic shampoos from various brands in-store. Bathing your dog is so important all year round, but especially during spring and summer. Bathing removes dead skin cells, dandruff, dust and loose hairs as well as breaking down excess oils.

This ensures there is nothing clogging the skin, allowing it to breathe. Failure to remove these layers of debris may cause your pet to overheat and struggle to regulate their body temperature. It is essential that you use a pet shampoo as regular shampoo is designed to suit the pH balance of a human and is therefore a lot harsher and will strip away natural oils from the skin and coat.

Furrish Shampoo @ Pet & Country

A Pet & Country favourite is the range of shampoos by Furrish. This brand makes at-home dog grooming easy with their coat type colour code on each bottle. Furrish has covered everything, so whether you have a puppy, or a dog with sensitive skin, there will be a product to suit.


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The Dangers Of The Summer Cut In Dog Grooming


If you have a big ball of fluff such as a Pomeranian, a husky or a retriever, you have a double coated dog. This means that your dog has a dense undercoat and finer top coat. You may have noticed that during the summer months, your floors and clothes will be covered in your dog’s hair. This is due to shedding. You may be tempted to book your dog in at the groomers to give them a short ‘summer cut’ but this could make matters worse! Double coated breeds can regulate their body temperature with this coat and if you cut it short, you are allowing the sun’s rays to hit the skin which will increase the risk of sunburn. Most groomers will offer a de-shedding service, but if you would like to do this yourself it’s best to start with a de-shedding shampoo to help to loosen the dead hair and follow up with a de-shedding tool once your dog is dry. We have a great range in store.  


Dog Paw & Walking Care In Hot Weather

Your pooch’s paws can become dry and cracked in spring and summer as pavements will heat up. You can help to protect your dogs’ paws by avoiding walking them during the hottest times of the day, when possible. The hottest point in the day is usually around 3PM. As soon as you have returned from your walks in the sun, apply a dog-friendly paw balm which will help to bring some hydration back into the paws such as the Pet Care By Groom Professional Nose & Paw Balm.

 Dog Ear Hygiene & Furrish Ear Cleaner

Lastly, dogs’ ears need to be kept clean, especially those dogs that love taking a dip in the sea! Damp, warm ears are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, even more so, in the summer due to warmer weather. When your furry friend has finished their doggy paddle, make sure to dry off their ears and apply a doggie ear cleaner. One product we highly recommend is the brand new Furrish Ear Wipes solution. This 100 pack wipe ear cleaner keeps dogs’ ears free from dirt and wax build up. Just wipe and dispose - the wipes are also 100% bio-degradable, so good for the environment! We also stock the Water based Clear Ears Solution version which can be applied with a cotton bud to keep your pup fresh!

furrish ear cleaner 150 ml bottle


Make sure to try out these helpful tips to keep your pooch happy and healthy this spring/summer. I hope you and your furry best friend have lots of summer adventures together.

May 18, 2022 — Pet & Country

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